The Money Isn't In the List... It's In The Products That You Sell To Your Email List

First, there's no money in the list. There is only money in the products that you promote, just like the retailer down the street. They are not being paid by simply being open and having customers walk in the door... No, no, no! It's ALL about the products they sell that make the money. 

If you are just an affiliate "making money" by wasting money on advertising and getting very little ROI than you have to learn this one secret today.. or your business might be gone tomorrow.

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This step-by-step virtual bootcamp will show you how to write, record and release your best song yet as Christ-centered Christian artist or songwriter

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This event completely changed the trajectory of my life and music! I'll never be the same!
- Edmarl, Artist/Songwriter/ Worship Leader

In this NEW free 5-Day Bootcamp you’ll discover: 

>>> The fastest way to get breakthrough as a Christian creative

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>>> The 5 biggest mistakes Christian artists and songwriters make (and how to avoid them like the plague!)

>>> 10 simple ways to fund your music so you can write, record and release radio quality music without going into debt

>>> You’ll walk away feeling confident, clear, and connected as a Christian artist or songwriter who knows who they are and how to create their best music yet

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Bootcamp runs from Tuesday September 26 - Friday October 6, 2023.

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This event completely changed the trajectory of my life and music!
- Edmarl, Christian Artist/Songwriter/ Worship Leader

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- Mitch Wong, Grammy Winning Songwriter

“Christian Music Mentor has an incredible vision and community!" 

- Meredith Andrews, Dove Award Winning Songwriter / Artist

"Brad is pure gold! It's amazing to see the inside-out transformation artists and songwriters receive from his mentorship"

- Sophie Shear, Worship Vocal Coach

This step-by-step training will help you get the music that's in you out into the world (even if you've tried and failed in the past)

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